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Back Pain Can Be Associated With Your Old Sofa

Written by: The Foam Factory

Summary: If you’re experiencing pain after sitting on your couch, check the condition of your cushions.

The seat cushions on your sofa provide ample support and flexibility to accommodate the amount of pressure that you exert onto the sofa frame itself. It’s designed to keep comfortable. However, once they begin to wear out, they can take a toll on your back as well as your posture. Keep an eye out for all the signs of a worn down cushion. Here are some pointers.

The Cause of Cushion Wear

Chances are you’re so accustomed to your couch that you forgot what it felt like when you first bought it. This is because the foam inserts, or cushions, within the sofa are starting to bend and decompress over time. This leads to all the wear and tear that cushions normally go through after an extended period of usage. And, after this time frame, you’ll slowly start to sink into the couch, almost as if it’s bending in half. This is detrimental to your back and you’re essentially bending it in an awkward position.

Back pain is one of the indicators of a worn cushion. If you feel a tinge or a slight jolt as soon as you get up, it could mean that your back wasn’t fully supported while you were on the couch. Take a look at the couch cushion itself. Does it look like a “U” shape without any pressure placed on it? If so, your cushion needs to be replaced. Further use will result in your seat backs curving even more, reducing the overall amount of support.


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