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Tips and Advice about Artificial Grass


Xeriscaping: Drought-Friendly Landscaping

Written by: California Mailboxes Xeriscaping is a relatively new word used to describe drought-friendly landscaping which began during the 1980’s. Xeriscaping centers on water conservation, encouraging adherents to grow drought-friendly, indigenous plant-life. By removing plants in your garden that are better suited to a different climate you can drastically reduce your water consumption while still… Read More

Creating Curb Appeal Through Landscaping & Renovations

Written by: California Mailboxes Curb appeal is one of the greatest assets you have in keeping your home looking attractive. It’s part of pride of ownership, but it also has a nice payoff whenever it comes time to sell your property. Maintaining a yard isn’t terribly difficult, but getting the look right is hard. It… Read More

Artificial Grass Adds Resale Value to Homes

This article was written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division. Until recently, the real estate market took a dim view of artificial turf. There was a belief that a home with fake grass would sell for substantially less than one with a natural grass lawn. The reasoning was that homeowners were hesitant to… Read More

Tools for your vehicles and garden equipment

Written by Toolsmith Direct When it comes to maintaining your vehicles and garden equipment, having the right tools would help you get the job done more easily. With time you would build a tool chest with several useful tools. If you intend to start a tool collection, you might want to start with certain basic,… Read More

Cleaning Up Paint on Artificial Grass

This article was written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division. It’s probably something that everyone has done before: perhaps you are painting the outside of your house or garage or maybe painting interior fixtures outdoors. You get a little sloppy and accidentally spill some paint on your lawn. If it’s a natural grass… Read More