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Key points to consider when buying a foam mattress topper

Written by Foam Factory, Inc. Adding a foam mattress topper to your new or existing mattress can increase the life of your mattress and provide better sleep. Here are some key points to consider when buying a foam mattress topper. Price – The price of a mattress topper can vary from $50 to $1000. The important… Read More

Understanding the Polyurethane Foam Creation Process

Written by: The Foam Factory Summary: Polyurethane Foam is put through a rigorous process to ensure it’s shape and quality. Foam is essentially everywhere in your home, from your couch to your bed. The construction of this comes from a mixture of chemicals and processing that allow it to take on the form of a… Read More

Xeriscaping: Drought-Friendly Landscaping

Written by: California Mailboxes Xeriscaping is a relatively new word used to describe drought-friendly landscaping which began during the 1980’s. Xeriscaping centers on water conservation, encouraging adherents to grow drought-friendly, indigenous plant-life. By removing plants in your garden that are better suited to a different climate you can drastically reduce your water consumption while still… Read More

Creating Curb Appeal Through Landscaping & Renovations

Written by: California Mailboxes Curb appeal is one of the greatest assets you have in keeping your home looking attractive. It’s part of pride of ownership, but it also has a nice payoff whenever it comes time to sell your property. Maintaining a yard isn’t terribly difficult, but getting the look right is hard. It… Read More

Back Pain Can Be Associated With Your Old Sofa

Written by: The Foam Factory Summary: If you’re experiencing pain after sitting on your couch, check the condition of your cushions. The seat cushions on your sofa provide ample support and flexibility to accommodate the amount of pressure that you exert onto the sofa frame itself. It’s designed to keep comfortable. However, once they begin… Read More

How to Care For Your Patio Furniture Properly

Patio furniture is exposed to the changing weather patterns and can be worn down rapidly. While many homeowners are focusing on the interior of their home, many fail to realize that the patio also plays a large role in the aesthetic beauty of the home itself. It’s not only a comfortable area for you and… Read More

The Importance of Outdoor Furniture Storage

Written by: The Foam Factory Caring for your patio and outdoor furnishings go beyond the aesthetic scope. Your outdoor furniture cushions, tables, and chairs require proper care if you want them to truly last. Many times, homeowners will neglect their outdoor furniture or fail to care for them, causing them to be targets of mold… Read More

How to look after outdoor furniture cushions

Written by Wicker Paradise One of the best things about summer is relaxing in your outdoor furniture. This outdoor furniture, in order to be as comfortable as possible comes with fabric cushions. Unlike in the recent past, fabric technology has progressed avoiding the expensive business of regularly purchasing replacement cushions. The end result is fabric… Read More

This Affordable Wood is the Newest Trend in Home Remodeling


Article written by : Garden Design Knotty alder doors are made from the wood of an alder tree, a type of hardwood tree related to birch. With a similar appearance and light coloring, yet not quite as expensive, alder is often used to accent or imitate birch. While classified as a hardwood, alder is on… Read More

Getting the Right Style for Your Doors

Doors style

Article Written by : Valley Furniutre Havre No matter what kind of home you’re in the market for and no matter which kind you finally choose, the option you go for is definitely going to include some features in common with all others. Doors are an obvious example. Every home needs doors. It doesn’t matter… Read More