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Creating Curb Appeal Through Landscaping & Renovations

Written by: California Mailboxes

Curb appeal is one of the greatest assets you have in keeping your home looking attractive. It’s part of pride of ownership, but it also has a nice payoff whenever it comes time to sell your property. Maintaining a yard isn’t terribly difficult, but getting the look right is hard. It can take weeks or months to settle on plants and dressings. Here are some ideas to get started, and areas to consider focusing resources and effort on to earn a decent return.

Curb Appeal

When discussing curb appeal, an agent is usually referring to what the house looks like the moment the potential buyer gets out of the car. This includes your lawn, windows, lighting fixtures, front door, garage door and general state of the house. For now, skip the more expensive and complicated fixes like cracks in the stucco.

Front doors and garage doors are great places to invest a bit of money for improvement. The garage door is one of the most trafficked doors in the house, and the motor is prone to burning out every ten or so years. At the very least, maintaining it will add some longevity to the system.

Next, look at your lawn. You want something plush and green, as weed free as possible. Sometimes, this isn’t always something you can avoid without a lot of costly repairs. You want to avoid ripping out sections of your lawn and instead focus on growing grass. Put down new sod, water deeply, then let a few days pass without watering. This will help to starve the weeds, give the grass some growth and help give your lawn back its color.

While you’re sprucing up your lawn, consider planting some flowers around your mailbox to dress it up. As it often displays the address, it’s among the first things somebody is likely to see when approaching your home.


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