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Design Recommendations for Small Rooms

Summary: Although you cannot easily change the size of a room without spending a large sum on construction, there are design techniques you can use to make a small room feel more spacious.


An important part of interior design is being able to make the most out of whatever space you are given. If you have a small room in your house you may feel too cramped or stuck. Being in said room could be an uncomfortable experience but there are changes you can make to the room to fix this. Small design tips can change how the room looks and ultimately make it feel larger. These tips are easy to implement and will not cost much.


Make Use of Vertical Space


In any given room you are only given so much space. With limited space in the small room you wish to fix, you will need to get creative with how you design it. To limit the amount of space your furniture takes up in the room, consider hanging items from the ceiling. Swap out lamps for lights that can hang from the ceiling to free up ground space for items you pick up from The Foam Factory or other furniture suppliers. Hanging pieces from the ceiling can also make the room feel neater and less cluttered.


Use Mirrors


An additional way you can make any room in your house feel bigger is to use mirrors. Mirrors create the optical illusion of making us believe, at least at a quick glance, that the room is more expansive and deeper than it actually is. Instead of placing it in a corner by a chair cushion, strategically place the mirror in a spot where your guests’ can easily see it.


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