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This Affordable Wood is the Newest Trend in Home Remodeling


This-Affordable-Wood-is-the-Newest-Trend-in-Home-RemodelingArticle written by : Garden Design

Knotty alder doors are made from the wood of an alder tree, a type of hardwood tree related to birch. With a similar appearance and light coloring, yet not quite as expensive, alder is often used to accent or imitate birch. While classified as a hardwood, alder is on the softer side and considered to be just above pine and poplar.

The knotty part of the name denotes the knots present in the door, which could be looked at as something like a charming flaw. The reason why people choose knotty alder wood is precisely because of the rustic feel those knots inspire. Your front door becomes an appealing conversation piece, making it more than just a doorway. If you want your home to have that down home country look, there are few species of tree that can top knotty alder doors.

On top of the beauty of the wood itself, it is very affordable. While other hardwoods, such as mahogany and cherry, offer natural beauty, their price tag can be a bit of a deterrent. Since the knots in alder are considered defects (outside of those who appreciate the rustic aesthetic), it helps to keep these doors affordable. If you’re looking to upgrade your front door, knotty alder wood is one of the most affordable ways to make that upgrade.

The rustic aesthetic has been around for a while and continues to charm homeowners to this day. Knotty alder interior doors can further this refreshing and elegant look for your home.

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