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Xeriscaping: Drought-Friendly Landscaping

Written by: California Mailboxes

Xeriscaping-centersXeriscaping is a relatively new word used to describe drought-friendly landscaping which began during the 1980’s. Xeriscaping centers on water conservation, encouraging adherents to grow drought-friendly, indigenous plant-life. By removing plants in your garden that are better suited to a different climate you can drastically reduce your water consumption while still cultivating a beautiful natural space. Not only that, you can cash in on some sweet tax credits for growing indigenous plants and avoid heavy fines for breaking water-usage restrictions.

City Slickers More than Welcome

Xeriscaping may sound like something only homeowners with copious acreage and money can engage in, but that’s not the case. By combining artificial turf and small box planters, even city dwellers can transform terraces and balcony spaces into miniature lawns with fewer bugs and pests to deal with. Fill your planters with bright plants to help beautify your city without contributing to drought conditions.

A Region of Options Can Be Better than a World of Options

Succulents and cactuses are some favorites for low-impact gardeners, but there are many kinds of plants you can enjoy that use surprisingly little water. Even the tiniest window garden can be improved by choosing plants that will thrive in your area. Many organizations post lists of water-wise plants online, such as EarthEasy and Water and Power Departments in drought-affected cities such as Glendale, CA.

Enjoy Your Harvest

If you follow xeriscaping tips your plants will grow stronger, stay healthier for longer, and bloom brighter and more frequently. Edible plants will provide better tasting yields and healthier fruits and vegetables, all while using less water and costing you less money. Enhance your enjoyment of your new space by installing sliding glass doors that allow you view your hard work from inside. Natural imagery has a calming effect and sliding doors can also allow natural light into the home for a comfortable atmosphere.



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