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What Does an Expert Witness Do for Construction Litigation?

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Article Written by : Egardening Today

In most cases, a construction expert witness is essential to both plaintiff and defense in construction litigation. Construction cases often involve complex issues that can range from the cause of an injury on a construction site to construction defects, contract disputes, bidding, land use and zoning, financing, insurance, building permits, and construction management.

How Can an Expert Help?

As a general rule, witnesses are only permitted to testify as to facts. Before any witness can give their opinion as to a technical issue in a case they must be qualified as an expert, according to Lyle Charles.

Depending on the facts of a particular case and the issues that need to be proven, a range of experts may be required to prepare a case. Engineers, project managers, accountants, surveyors, or other experts with specialized training and experience may be required. Construction experts can assist in preparing a case for litigation and they can testify in court explaining industry standards or other technical issues to a jury. Construction consulting services can provide experts to assist in any area of construction litigation.

How Do We Find the Right Expert?

Construction advisory services also provide consultation and expert testimony in cases involving construction disputes. Some services specialize in particular areas of construction law such as structural steel or government funded projects.

It is critical to identify what expert witnesses will be needed early in a case. Having the right expert for the right case can make the difference when a case is settled or at trial.



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